Clear Choice Orthodontists

clear choice orthodontists

Dr Peter Miles and the team at Newwave Orthodontics are proud to be part of the Clear Choice Orthodontists team.

Choosing an orthodontist can be a difficult process, especially when many dentists are now offering orthodontic treatments. However, an orthodontist not only has all the same training as a dentist, they also have further specialist training in the correction of crooked, crowded teeth. Dr Miles has helped pioneer the Clear Choice Orthodontists association and plays an integral role in patient education and industry education for the entire orthodontic industry.

Why choose a Clear Choice Orthodontist?

Clear Choice Orthodontists‘ are a network of highly reputable orthodontic professionals that have come together to better educate and serve patients undergoing (or planning to undergo) orthodontic treatment.

Members of CCO have all had 3 years full-time and over 5000 hours of specialist training in the correction of crooked, crowded teeth and bites. With locations spread across Queensland, with a number of practices located on the Sunshine Coast this network is certainly something to look out for when researching orthodontists and orthodontic treatment!