Clear Braces

Clear braces for adults

Gain the advantages of conventional braces without anyone noticing

Clear braces combine the dental science and effectiveness of conventional metal braces with the art of utilising clear, translucent elements to make your orthodontic treatment as inconspicuous as possible. By doing so our clear braces are far less obvious than metal braces, and best of all we will add transparent braces to the top front teeth at no extra charge!

Clear braces work by exerting gentle pressure on the teeth, resulting in the teeth shifting to a more desirable and correct position.

Your Sunshine Coast orthodontist, Dr Peter Miles, will assess your condition and inform you as to how long you should expect treatment to take (usually between a few months to a couple of years).

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Keeping clear braces clean is essentially the same as keeping traditional metal braces clean. You should brush your teeth after eating with a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste. Avoid eating foods that may stain your braces, especially dark food and drinks such as coffee, red wine, and soft drink. If you do eat or drink these types of foods, be sure to brush your teeth afterwards. Flossing at least once a day is essential as to avoid food debris and bacteria from accumulating between your braces.

Be sure to always attend your follow-up appointments and always follow the advice of your orthodontist.

Neither treatment is better than the other. Both treatments offer their own specific advantages and disadvantages when compared to other orthodontic treatments and should be chosen based upon your specific preferences and orthodontic case.

Your orthodontist will provide you with a treatment plan during your initial consultation and give you advice, based upon your individual condition.

As the name suggests, clear braces utilise clear elements to make the braces much less noticeable. However, as they are not completely invisible, they will still be somewhat noticeable.

When compared to other options such as traditional metal braces, clear braces provide minimal noticeability and are a great option for patients who would like the benefits of metal braces, without the appearance.