Prevention of impaction

Early prevention is highly important for ensuring the dental health of a patient

One of the main benefits of early diagnosis within orthodontic care is the detection of impacted teeth or displacement of the palate (upper jaw). Both issues can start small but become more troublesome as the child ages.

In a chapter of the textbook Dr Miles co-authored and edited, the pros of early prevention of impaction was discussed as a great way to ensure your child’s smile remains healthy as they age. The primary benefit of impaction prevention is enabling us to correct problems before they become severe. Early prevention isn’t always necessary, however if the child suffers from a major cosmetic concern that impacts them socially such as bullying, Dr Peter Miles may recommend it for your child.

If your child suffers from:

  • Thumb sucking
  • Early or late loss of teeth
  • Sunken or protruding jaw
  • Jaw dysfunction

Your child may need an orthodontic examination to ensure their dental health. While it is rare that a child will need orthodontics, even as a preventive measure, it is recommended that children see an orthodontist by 10 years of age to ensure the risk of impacting teeth is reduced.