Adult Orthodontics

Considering braces as an adult?

Thanks to some pretty incredible advancements in the world of orthodontics, we now have a range of options for adults when it comes to straightening your smile. Download our FREE guide to find out:

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  • Adult orthodontics at Newwave

A tailored solution for the most effective outcome

In this new era of orthodontics, many adults are now taking the opportunity to straighten their smile, and with good reason. Braces are now widely accepted and more discreet than ever before.

Newwave Orthodontics, Sunshine Coast is focused on exceeding your expectations and is dedicated to providing tailored solutions for the best possible outcome.

With advancements in orthodontic technology, many adults are choosing to straighten their smiles without needing to change their lifestyle

Our Sunshine Coast orthodontic practice has been established with two very important goals in mind: to ensure total result satisfaction by combining dental science with art, and to provide some of the most advanced and effective orthodontic treatments to date.

As adults we understand that many of our patients feel their teeth are simply ‘beyond hope’ or have given up on having a straight smile or aligned bite. At Newwave Orthodontics we are happy to inform these patients that there are now orthodontic treatments that don’t interfere with your lifestyle so you can undergo treatment without having to be flexible.

Discreet and effective treatment with Aligners

If you’re looking for a way to straighten your teeth, without the appearance of traditional braces, Aligners are is an effective solution for adults and teenagers.

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