What is Evidence based clinical orthodontics?

Evidence based clinical orthodontics is a focus on ensuring all treatment protocols and strategies are both efficacious and safe

Clinical decision making can be a difficult task for any healthcare professional, including orthodontists. Some use their own observations or experiences in order to come to a decision, and some prefer to base these important choices on what is available in the realm of scientific evidence; something that has been recognised as an ideal approach for healthcare professionals today.

Evidence based clinical orthodontics utilises proven scientific results and information to allow orthodontists to come to an unbiased decision on clinical techniques, treatments, strategies and protocols.

Dr Peter Miles is dedicated to ensuring clinical decision is made on sound scientific evidence

At Newwave Orthodontics on the Sunshine Coast, our own Dr Peter Miles understands that making decisions based on quality scientific evidence will ensure not only optimal results for the patient, but also create enhanced and more streamlined conditions for more efficient and safe treatment protocols now and in the future.

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