Payment options

At Newwave Orthodontics we want all our patients to receive the best treatment possible, which is why we offer payment plans for our treatments

Before your treatment commences, we will always discuss our fees and any associated costs with you to ensure you are fully informed of all aspects of your treatment. We are dedicated to finding you a solution that works to your lifestyle and budget, which is why we utilise payment plans to help you gain the treatment you need.

There is no additional fee for records – while other practices sometimes charge hundreds of dollars for this, at Newwave Orthodontics there is no charge.

Our Payment Plans

These can include interest-free terms over the course of your treatment. To discuss your options, please do not hesitate to bring this up with Dr Miles or his friendly and helpful team.

Health Benefit Funds

Health benefit funds can cover part of orthodontic care and you may be able to recover some of the fees.

Tax Rebate

You may qualify for a rebate from the Australian Taxation Office if your medical fees rise above a certain amount in a year. This is called ‘Medical Expense Tax Rebate’ and it is calculated when you do your income tax assessment. We recommend seeking professional advice in this area.

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