Early Intervention

Early Intervention Orthodontics

If your child is suffering from major cosmetic dental concerns that are impacting them socially, we may conduct early intervention orthodontics

At Newwave Orthodontics, we recommend bringing your child in for an early orthodontic assessment between 6-10 years of age. Early diagnosis and intervention can help your child stabilise large cosmetic dental concerns, and help to alleviate any impact their smile may have on their social life. Generally, Dr Miles will only conduct early intervention if it is beneficial for your child. This includes:

  • Major orthodontic cosmetic concerns that impact them socially
  • Severe cross bites
  • Severe tooth impaction severe or problematic

If a young child suffers from a major cosmetic concern, cross bite or impacted teeth that is negatively influencing the child’s social life, such as bullying, Dr Miles may recommend early intervention. Early intervention will help to stabilise your child’s smile for a more optimal aesthetic result, which can also set them up for more rapid treatment time in adolescence.

Your child may need an early intervention oral exam. Dr Miles will be able to assess and diagnose any issues and recommend treatment to help ensure your child’s smile.

Early interceptive treatment is not always necessary but will be recommended at our orthodontic practice located on the Sunshine Coast if it will benefit your child.