Dental Prevention

What is the best age for children to have braces?

By bringing your child in to see Dr Miles by age 10, he is able to assess and identify any issues early and prevent further damage…

Dr Peter Miles is an esteemed orthodontist on the Sunshine Coast, and understands the importance of prevention. By assessing the available space inside the mouth for adult teeth, Dr Miles can help ensure there is enough room to reduce crowding later in life, which means less orthodontic treatment for your child!

Prevention is always better than a cure

Dr Miles’ experience and skill has given him great insight into helping children avoid arduous orthodontic treatment. He is able to treat your child’s issues now so that treatment later in life is dramatically simplified. In some cases the need for further treatment is even eliminated!

We will use preventive orthodontics to:

  • Allow for space maintenance
  • Reduce crowding later on
  • Prevent or simplify the complexity of impaction

Early diagnosis and treatment in appropriate cases can help to avoid more extensive treatment in future years after the jaw and face have developed.  Our team love kids, and are able to help them experience a fun and educational visit to our Sunshine Coast orthodontics practice.