Dr Miles is extending his contribution to orthodontic literature focussing on Fixed Functional Appliances

Since we updated you in February on Dr Miles’s contribution to the “Evidence-based Clinical Orthodontics” book, Dr Miles has extended his work in orthodontic literature.

After “Evidence Based Orthodontics” was released, Dr Miles spoke in London where Professor Robert Lee and Dr Padhraig Fleming from The Royal London Hospital heard him speak on the contribution. Prof Lee and Dr Fleming have since invited Dr Miles to contribute a chapter to their upcoming book currently titled “Orthodontic Functional Appliances”.

Dr Miles’ chapter will be titled Fixed Functional Appliances and will be included in the book to be published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd, which has been authored/ edited by Prof Lee & Dr Fleming.

The chapter discusses appliances such as the Herbst appliance and fixed spring bite correctors, and their use in helping to correct Class II bites (protrusive top teeth) usually without the extraction of adult teeth.

The emphasis of the upcoming book (estimated to be published mid 2014) will be upon applying the best available evidence to clinical practice to achieve the best possible result in an effective manner.

Dr Miles has also been invited to lecture on these topics at the Virginia Association of Orthodontists annual meeting in Richmond, USA next year.

What are fixed functional appliances?

For readers who are not in the Orthodontic or Dental profession fixed functional appliances are used when the upper teeth protrude beyond the lower teeth. The appliances are used to advance the lower jaw and teeth forwards while retracting the top teeth to correct protrusion.

Fixed functional appliances are fitted inside the mouth and cannot be seen once the mouth is closed. These are most often used in children and young teens while the jaws are still growing and shouldn’t interfere with opening and closing the mouth although they can also be used in adults.

While parents of children with protrusive teeth take their child to the orthodontist expecting a simple braces procedure they should not be concerned about the inclusion of a fixed functional appliance. These will not cause additional discomfort and treatment is often quick with results normally achieved within 8-18 months.

If you believe your child has bucked or protrusive teeth and will benefit from orthodontic treatment please call NewWave Orthodontics clinic in Caloundra on 07 5491 9077 to make an appointment with Dr Miles.