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After the success of the book “Evidence Based Orthodontics”, Dr Miles was invited to contribute a chapter to the book “Orthodontic Functional Appliances”. Now Dr Miles has been asked to present his chapter about Fixed Functional Appliances at the Virginia Association of Orthodontists annual meeting in Richmond, USA.

In the slides below you will learn more about how Evidence Based Orthodontics can be used to successfully treat orthodontic discrepancies and how fixed functional appliances can advance the lower jaw and teeth forwards while retracting the top teeth to correct protrusion. The good news for patients is that fixed functional appliances are fitted inside the mouth which means they cannot be seen once the mouth is closed. Fixed functional appliances are most often used for children and young teen patients because the jaws are still growing which means they shouldn’t interfere with opening and closing the mouth, although they can be used with adults patients also.

Virginia 2014 lecture handouts

During the weekend of 12th & 13th April 2014 Dr Miles delivered a number of presentations to the Virginia Association of Orthodontists. The two sets of presentation slides are available for your download below.

Answers to… Asymmetries (PDF)

Evidence Based Class II Treatment (PDF)