iTero is the new dental technology making your life easier!

iTero is an innovative dental tool which is simplifying dentists’ and patients’ lives alike.

The nifty device has performed over 2 million teeth restorations and has therefore been a helping hand in restoring over 2 million happy smiles. Here at NewWave Orthodontics in Caloundra we are proud to offer the iTero technology as a means to improve your smile and your overall dental experience.

What is the iTero?

iTero is a relatively new technology from Align Technology Incorporated. It has a wide variety of treatment options and can be used for restorations, implants, orthodontic scans and can even streamline the process of Invisalign. When you use the scanner for Invisalign your dentist at NewWave Orthodontics will send your scan off to the Invisalign website for dental professionals and then your treatment plan will be electronically generated. Your dentist will then approve your treatment plan and you will receive a completely custom made treatment plan, tailored specifically to the curves and alignment of your teeth.

The restoration method is dramatically improved by iTero…

Before iTero, your dentist would stretch your mouth open and then use a coloured dough to create a mould from your teeth which could take up to two weeks to complete. With iTero there is no need for ill-tasting and complicated dough involved in the creation of your moulds as iTero utilises scanning technology to scan the formations of your teeth. Once your scan has been completed your dentist at NewWave orthodontics will utilise the iTero computer technology (CAD) to tailor your treatment plan. We then use our in-house milling machine to ‘export’ your new veneer or crown and fabricate it to fit perfectly in your mouth. Your new crown or veneer will be made completely out of porcelain and will appear just like normal tooth.

In the event of needing a new whole tooth, or dental implant your dentist will use a slightly different approach. Once you have had your implant base inserted to avoid bone and tissue loss your dentist will scan your teeth utilising the iTero technology. Your new tooth will then be modeled utilising 3D computer technology which has previously been used by architects. Align Technologies Incorporated will then send your new tooth to your dentist at NewWave Orthodontics and we will ensure that your new tooth is the correct fit and shape. Your dentist will then fit the custom abutment (base) and restore your smile with the final fitting of your new tooth.

Why do we use iTero?

Our primary orthodontist Dr. Miles is dedicated to using only the best technology firmly backed by scientific studies and practicality. He believes that there is an overuse of clinical choices founded on experimental or patented technology and is an expert in his field, authoring the renowned textbook ‘Evidence-Based Clinical Orthodontics’. As you can see from this article iTero has a lot of practical uses for us, however our main concern is you so we are extremely conscious of the benefits iTero can provide to your dental experience. These benefits include:

  • It simplifies treatment which minimises the time you spend at the dentist
  • No sticky, gummy dough to get moulds fitted to your teeth
  • Virtually no discomfort as the scanning technology is non-invasive
  • State of the art treatment used by an extremely large number of happy patients (2 million to be exact)

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