Are accelerated orthodontic treatments like Acceledent effective?

dr-miles-san-francisco-american-orthodontic-conferenceTreatments like Acceledent are designed to reduce orthodontic treatment time.

Dr Peter Miles has been spending time overseas recently while presenting lectures to general dentists and orthodontists on the purported efficacy of accelerated orthodontic treatment.

The Acceledent website claims:


So, does it work?

American Association of Orthodontists
Dr Peter Miles is with some of the biggest names in evidence-based orthodontics at the American Association of Orthodontists congress in San Francisco.

One of the biggest questions with the evidence-based approach to orthodontics at the moment is whether or not accelerated orthodontic treatments are as effective as advertised. Products such as Acceledent claim they are able to nearly half treatment time. But how accurate is this claim?

Testing Acceledent ourselves

At Newwave Orthodontics we are conducting a clinical trial into the effectiveness of Acceledent that is funded by the Australian Society of Orthodontists Foundation for Research and Education. As an orthodontist whose continued academic focus is built upon evidence-based orthodontics, it only made sense for Dr Miles to want to study the efficacy of accelerated orthodontic treatments for himself.

Orthodontist Sunshine Coast – Dr Peter Miles

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