What is the best age to achieve healthy jaw growth with orthodontic treatment?

best age for orthodontic treatment

Around the world, orthodontists recommend the best age to have an orthodontic assessment is at the age of 7. Does this necessarily mean this is the most appropriate age for treatment?

In his latest article on Blog Spot, Dr Peter Miles discusses how different types of bites and alignment problems may require different kinds of orthodontic treatments but the best age to treat them is arguably around the age of 9 to 10. Evidence also shows that an effective age for treatment is around the age of 13-14 when all the adult teeth have erupted.

In his article, Dr Miles goes on to discuss the CVM method which predicts the most appropriate treatment time varies widely from 8½-11½ in girls and 10-14 in boys. Dr Miles continues with adding that there are different studies which point to different theories. However, the lack of relevant and concrete evidence makes it difficult to determine the best age for your child to undergo treatment.

Find out why it is difficult to predict the most appropriate time for orthodontic treatment in relation to jaw growth with his article here:

What age is best for Orthodontic Treatment to achieve the best jaw growth?

Dr Peter Miles’s professional opinion

As an internationally renowned orthodontist, Dr Peter Miles sums up his article with his professional opinion on the matter.

7 year olds – screening

This is a great age to take your child to the orthodontist because they can identify the patients who would benefit from early intervention. Such conditions that may benefit from early intervention include early baby tooth loss that can create spaces between teeth or a crossbite of front teeth. If the patient is having social issues concerning their teeth, this could also be a reason for early intervention.

9 to 10 year olds

This could be an appropriate age for patients when identifying developing impacting canine teeth because it is easier to intervene at this earlier age. Also treatment for 9-10 year olds could help reduce crowding or preserve space for adult teeth.

13-14 year olds/Patients with adult teeth

Your orthodontist can treat orthodontic concerns at any age. Around the 13-14 year mark is most appropriate, however, a small number of patients could greatly benefit from early intervention.

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