Early Intervention can make a significant difference to your child’s smile

Early intervention can help cease bad habits and damaging dental conditions which can impede the development of your child’s teeth

Newwave Orthodontics on the Sunshine Coast can help you and your child with the beauty of your smiles. There are a number of ways we can do this, either through traditional orthodontics, adult orthodontics or early intervention which is one of the best methods for ensuring proper teeth alignment. Before delving into our early intervention techniques it’s imperative to know what constitutes a beautiful smile and how orthodontics can help.

A beautiful smile is made up of a few crucial things

An aesthetically pleasing smile is something that is coveted the whole world over. Dr Peter Miles not only sees your smile as a whole picture, it also views the individual components which make up your smile so that he can tweak them and improve your teeth. When it comes to the different parts of your smile, the team at Newwave Orthodontics looks specifically at:

  • The crookedness of your teeth
  • The alignment of your upper and lower jaw
  • Signs of crossbites, underbites and overbites 
  • Teeth beneath your gums which have yet to erupt
  • Potential complications caused by wisdom teeth or other factors 

All of these factors work together in order to construct and influence a high quality smile through the use of premium orthodontic technology.

Early intervention can decrease your risk of dental complication

The earlier we begin treatment the softer the gum tissue and jaw bone will be. This makes early intervention much easier and more effective when compared to adult orthodontic therapy which is made more difficult due to the stiffness of the tooth roots, tissue and jaw bone. The younger you receive treatment also means that your child will be able to enjoy their perfect smile for longer. In order to begin early intervention Dr Peter Miles and his team at Newwave Orthodontics will look for tell-tale signs of dental complications which are cause by genetics, bad habits or simply bad luck.

Your oral exam will determine whether you suffer any potentially damaging conditions

Here at Newwave Orthodontics we will provide an oral exam as soon as you or your child comes to visit us. During this exam we will be looking for a number of occurrences which can occur naturally or through habit. If you or your child has prematurely lose their teeth, or have lost them late this can mean that you have something complicating the development process. In order to determine this we may take an x-ray or scan of your mouth to delve beneath the gum. Also if you have experience difficulty chewing or pain in your jaw there is a possibility that you might suffer from jaw dysfunction. This can also occur in your children if they suffer from a crossbite, overbite or underbite.

The most common occurrence is crowded teeth due to small dental arches in the mouth. This causes teeth to overlap and the smile to look less than perfect. If you have misaligned teeth but there is room in your mouth to accommodate the teeth this may have occurred due to habits such as mouth breathing or finger sucking. It’s imperative that you or your child stops this habit as it can complicate the orthodontic process.

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