Everything You Need to Know About Kids’ Braces

Orthodontic treatment for kids is extremely common, and important. Orthodontic intervention can prevent your kids from developing speech impediments, jaw and bone complications, and painful teeth and gum issues.

But how do you know you should start bringing your kids to the orthodontist?

This blog will be a comprehensive guide to when and why you should take your kids to the orthodontist, and what treatments to expect when your kids need braces.

Here is everything you need to know before bringing your kids to the orthodontist:

Early Intervention

We highly recommend bringing your child in for early orthodontic assessment sometime between the ages 6-10 years.

Early intervention can be extremely beneficial in terms of orthodontics because the orthodontist will be able to identify any current teeth issues or issues in your child’s jaw development. Even if it appears that your child’s teeth are fine, there is still a good chance that as they grow, the teeth might develop issues.

Predicting the problems early on can help you, as the parent, as well as your kid, prepare for any possible future orthodontic treatment.

Generally, during the high development years (between ages 10-16) is the optimal time to get orthodontic treatment. Bringing your child into the orthodontist before this time means that the child could receive preparation treatments in order to reduce the required treatment in the future.

Common Orthodontic Issues

If you might notice some odd shifts in your child’s teeth while they grow; its most likely a common issue that can be corrected with orthodontics.

Here are some of the most common issues to watch out for:

Crowding – Teeth become displaced or crooked from lack of space.

Crossbite – The top and bottom bite don’t line up with each other.

Open Bite – The front teeth arch away from each other.

Over/Under bite – Either the top or the lower set of teeth are protruding.

Orthodontic Treatments for Kids

These are the different types of orthodontic treatments for kids:

Clear Aligners (e.g. Invisalign, Clarity, SPARK)

This series of clear, plastic aligners is one of our most popular treatments. Instead of conventional braces, your kids can wear virtually unnoticeable, removable aligners. Invisalign is a good treatment option for kids who have a mild-medium dental issue.

Clear Braces

These are essentially traditional braces except with brackets that are created to match the colour of your natural teeth. These braces are best for complicated dental issues as they are most effective, but also more discreet.

Metal Braces

These are one of the most traditional and effective forms of orthodontic treatment. However, at Newwave Orthodontics, we always use clear braces for the front six teeth in order to make them more discreet. These braces can treat the most complex dental issues.

Not sure what is the most suitable treatment to correct your child’s teeth?

Then bring them in for a FREE assessment at Newwave Orthodontics! Dr Miles is an experienced orthodontist having crafted over 8000 stunning smiles and will be able to enlighten you on some of your options.