How orthodontics can help your child

It is important to treat orthodontic issues early to give your child the best start in life…

It is imperative for children to receive orthodontic care if they suffer from significant dental issues such as crooked teeth, malocclusion, unaligned jaw and more. By correcting these issues early you can set them up with healthy teeth and a healthy mouth for the rest of their lives!

At New Wave Orthodontics we strongly believe in early intervention, and can recommend several different treatments we feel can benefit your child significantly. Treatments available at our Caloundra dental practice include:

  • Conventional Braces – this orthodontic treatment utilises metal brackets and wires that are adhered to the front of your child’s teeth. These exert pressure to gradually move your child’s teeth into the correct positioning.
  • Clear Braces – similar to conventional braces, clear braces are just that: clear! Instead of metal brackets and wires, which are conspicuous, we utilise clear materials that are just as strong, to give your child optimal results without compromising on their looks.
  • Ceramic Braces – these braces utilise ceramic materials that blend in with the teeth, rendering them nearly invisible!
  • Lingual Braces – this orthodontic treatment is the same as conventional braces, only they are adhered to the inside of the teeth! This means the mouth is not obstructed and no one will be able to see them!
  • Invisalign – One of our most popular treatments, Invisalign is perfect for the child who does not want anyone to see they are undergoing treatment. Made from transparent aligners, Invisalign offers a virtually invisible solution to orthodontic treatment that is also removable!

Why it is important to straighten teeth…

Straightening teeth has benefits far beyond physical appearance. At New Wave Orthodontics in Caloundra we understand the concerns from children about having to use orthodontic appliances, but we feel if they and their parents are completely informed about the extensive benefits, it may help them see the bigger picture.

1. Straight teeth create an easier cleaning surface

Since straight teeth are completely aligned and allow every surface of the tooth to be present, cleaning and maintenance of your child’s smile becomes much easier. This means your child can easily maintain optimal oral health.

2. Overall health can be improved

Poor oral health can be devastating to your child’s overall health, and because straight teeth provide an easier cleaning surface – it is more likely that your child will be able to keep tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease at bay.

Our success stories…

Some of our patients were kind enough to let us document their success, and now we share their stories with you.

Patient 1


This patient suffered from an extensive overbite, with quite a large gap between their teeth. This was easily corrected with our expert orthodontic professionals and high quality treatment. Now this patient’s smile is straight and their jaw is perfectly aligned.

Patient 2


Patient 2 suffered from a major misalignment of their teeth, with majority of their bottom teeth erupting at an angle. This was treated with our orthodontic expertise and as is evident in the photo, achieved beautiful results for the patient.

If your child is suffering with crooked teeth or a misaligned jaw, it is important these issues are treated early, as if left alone a misaligned jaw can cause issues later in life such as TMJ Dysfunction and chronic headaches.

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