Invisalign or Traditional Braces?

Newwave Orthodontics on the Sunshine Coast offer both treatments, but which one is right for you?

Newwave Orthodontics offers a comprehensive range of treatments for our patients including Invisalign and traditional braces. Dr Peter Miles and our team of oral professionals are dedicated to providing high-quality dental care and treatment.

Often, in dentistry and medicine in general, the treatment we choose will change with each individual. This is the same when choosing either Invisalign or traditional braces. We offer our patients tailor-made solutions to their oral health concerns and work towards the best possible outcome. While also ensuring your total comfort during treatment.

Should You Consider Traditional Orthodontics?

Traditional braces have played a major role in orthodontics for over a century. They are still used to correct a multitude of dental issues like crooked teeth, cross bites, under bites and malocclusions. Traditional braces have evolved over time, but the reason they are still so relevant is for the simple reason—they work.

Braces are formed with a combination of brackets and wires that are attached to teeth. They place a small, constant amount of pressure on specific areas of your mouth. This pressure, over time, will begin to shift your teeth into a beautiful, straight smile. Traditional braces also allow your Orthodontist to make significant changes to the shape of your smile because of their ability to be manipulated and altered.

One point of difference Dr Miles has compared with other orthodontists is he never puts metal braces on the top front teeth—ever. Metal is excellent on the back and bottom teeth where the brackets are less visible and sit more in the bite (so less risk of damage as ceramic is harder than teeth). However, on the top front teeth the ceramic braces are just as effective in aligning the teeth but are far less visible.

Our clear braces are a unique mixture of brackets and wires that are fixed securely to the front of your smile and are far less obvious than traditional braces. There is also no extra charge for these discreet, tooth-coloured brackets to be applied.

These tooth-coloured braces are almost completely transparent and won’t be immediately noticeable. Should you wish to have them on all of your teeth, it is possible in some cases. Another great benefit of braces is their affordability and their effectiveness in giving people a healthy, straight smile. Our blend of traditional and clear braces combines the best of both worlds:

  1. brackets that seamlessly blend into your smile for a discreet look
  2. provide strength, durability and a history of tried and tested results

Is Invisalign the Treatment for You?

At Newwave Orthodontics, we also offer our Sunshine Coast patients Invisalign. Invisalign was specifically designed to give both teens and adults a more discreet orthodontic option.

Invisalign is far more discreet and convenient than other options and the fact that they can be removed is something that a lot of people enjoy. The almost invisible aligners are comfortable and lifestyle-friendly. Invisalign doesn’t use wires, brackets or bands to keep your aligners in place. As they are removable, you can eat whatever you like as you are not affected by any dietary restrictions. Your aligners can be removed for special occasions or a quick photo op but they require you to be extra diligent about wearing them 22 hours a day.

Invisalign is made using transparent, medical-grade materials so they look professional and clean at all times. This is something to consider if you are thinking of Invisalign treatment as an adult.

Invisalign has become an incredibly popular treatment option in the field of adult orthodontics and here at Newwave Orthodontics we are proud to be a Platinum Elite provider and Dr Miles is a Key Opinion Leader for Align Australia lecturing to other Orthodontists on the use of Invisalign with teenagers. We pride ourselves on being able to exceed expectations by using a results-driven and patient-focused approach.

Orthodontics from Newwave Orthodontics

Dr Peter Miles, who established the practice, will always make sure that you are fully informed on all aspects of your care and work with you to achieve the maximum results possible. Dr Miles has had more than 45 research papers published and has been invited to speak all over the world. Outside of his time at the practice, he is also a visiting lecturer at Seton Hill University in the USA.

If you are considering either Invisalign or traditional braces and would like to make an appointment to see if you or your child is ready for treatment, please get in touch with us here.