Maintaining Your Orthodontic Results

Invisalign Lite
Occasionally we see some patients who have been a little naughty and failed to wear their retainers after orthodontic treatment and as a result require further orthodontic care…

Just because your braces or aligners are off doesn’t mean that your orthodontic treatment is over- in fact once your braces or Invisalign is complete it is equally as import to maintain your new smile by wearing your retainer. For those who have failed to wear their retainers and now wish to re-straighten their teeth we can provide the Invisalign Lite or Invisalign I-7 treatment to help realign your smile.
At Newwave Orthodontics on the Sunshine Coast we pride ourselves on straightening our patients’ teeth regardless of why they are crooked. There is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed about forgetting to wear your retainer. We treat a number of distressed patients who have forgotten to wear their retainers and now require further treatment.

Invisalign to the rescue

The Invisalign treatment is an orthodontic solution that uses a series of clear plastic aligners that move your teeth back into alignment. For those patients that have not shutterstock_163033181maintained their follow up treatments and have allowed their teeth to shift out of place, we may recommend this treatment for you. While you will not require a full Invisalign treatment this solution is a great way to discreetly move your teeth back into place. It is important to note that the Invisalign aligners are removable, so just like your retainer you are able to take it out when necessary. However, as this will be your second treatment we encourage you to take it seriously- wear your aligners faithfully FULL-TIME and commit to the treatment.

Why do your teeth still shift after treatment?

There are a variety of factors that can affect the alignment of your teeth. Even if you have undergone orthodontic treatment you may still notice your teeth shifting in and out of place which is why retainers are so important after treatment. Teeth move for a number of reasons and everyone is different. Some will not notice much change and others can have quite marked change over time.

Your teeth can move for the following reasons:

  • Age- as we age our jaw still undergoes some late growth which can result in some changes in the bite and alignment.
  • Muscle pressure – the cheeks, lips and the tongue apply light and continuous forces to teeth which can affect their alignment and the balance of these forces can change with age.
  • Gum fibres- Teeth are attached to each other and to the gums by tiny elastic fibres which help support the teeth but also apply forces on the teeth that can move them over time.
  • Wisdom teeth – these were thought to be a major factor in the past but have been shown to only have a minor influence of about 1mm on the position of the lower front teeth.

The retention phase


After your braces or aligners have been removed you will still need to maintain proper orthodontic care – this is known as the ‘retention phase’. The retention phase ensures that your teeth will not relapse and shift out of place. You will be given a retainer to wear usually at home in the evening and night and as time progresses you will only be required to wear your retainer while you sleep. This is an extremely important phase of your orthodontic treatment and often the phase that is most overlooked by the patient. We know you are excited to get your braces or aligners off – however by forgetting to wear your retainer you could be ruining your entire treatment and allow your teeth to relapse.

Newwave Orthodontics will work with you to correct the problem
Our Invisalign solution is not a replacement for your retainer, it is a solution to move your teeth back into alignment but you still need retainers to help maintain your straight teeth as you age. During your consultation our team of highly trained orthodontic professionals will assess your mouth to determine a treatment plan to suit your orthodontic goals.

For more information about treatment after braces please don’t hesitate to call 07 5491 9077 or contact us online.