Teeth straightening methods

When it comes to straightening teeth, we are spoilt for choice.

In the past, the only option that we had was traditional metal braces. However nowadays, patients have a variety of options available. These range from speed braces to almost invisible teeth straightening options!

The type of treatments that you will undergo if you are looking to straighten your teeth will depend on the exact work that will be needed order to achieve a straight smile, as well as your age.


Some children can undergo orthodontic treatment as young as 9 years old. However, the age in which your child is ready for orthodontic treatment does rely on a variety of factors including whether or not they have all of their big teeth.

For kids, braces can be like a rite of passage. Some kids may even get excited at the idea of braces. They have great fun choosing which colours they can have on their braces each month like bright pink or bright blue. However, some children may wish to have braces that are a little less obvious than the traditional counterparts. This is where clear braces come in. Clear braces do not have silver brackets, instead the brackets are the same colour as the child’s teeth. Clear braces are not completely invisible, but they are indeed less noticeable than traditional braces.


Unlike kids, teenagers can be a little more worried about their looks when it comes to the idea of braces. But, some teenagers don’t mind at all!

Teenagers can indeed benefit from traditional braces however they do have some other options when it comes to straightening their teeth. Teenagers may also opt for the less noticeable option of clear braces, or Invisalign.

Invisalign comprises of several different thin plastic aligners they change approximately every two weeks. These aligners apply constant pressure to the teeth which pushes them into the correct positions. This is a great option if their teeth don’t not have any severe dental issues that need to be corrected.

On the other hand, teenagers may want the fastest and most efficient option when it comes to straightening their teeth. At Newwave Orthodontics, we also offer the option of speed braces. Speed braces are triangular shaped brackets which move teeth into their correct positions at a faster rate compared to traditional braces.


Each year, more and more Australian adults are seeking to straighten their teeth. Sometimes orthodontic treatment may be necessary to achieve the desired results. Unlike children, when it comes to adults, orthodontic treatment can be a little trickier. This is not necessarily due to the actual straightening of the teeth, but rather due to the fact that braces are usually associated with children and teenagers. Adults are therefore often apprehensive when it comes to the idea of wearing braces.

Adults are often referred to the Invisalign treatment when it comes to straightening their teeth. It is after all the less conspicuous option. However, it is not the only option. Adults can most certainly wear braces, so this often depends on whether or not the patient is comfortable with the idea. The downside to Invisalign is it cannot fix all issues, and sometimes, more drastic treatment is needed.

Are you sitting on the fence with the idea of wearing braces? You may also be able to benefit from the speed braces treatment. The main benefits of speed braces is a reduced orthodontic treatment time. If your orthodontist Dr Miles has recommended that you need braces, you may also want to opt for the clear braces’ solution.

Orthodontic treatment from Newwave Orthodontics

At Newwwave Orthodontics, we will most certainly discuss all of the options with you, and weight up all the pros and cons of each treatment. We want to ensure that we can get your teeth straight in the best way possible. Whether you are looking to straighten your child’s, your teen’s or your own teeth, we can offer a variety of solutions.

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