Is there such thing as a perfect smile?

Is there such thing as the perfect bite?

A perfect smile is something many people long for. Although your smile may be aesthetically appealing, not many people realise the importance of a properly aligned bite. It’s generally not until a problem is developed that people will begin to realise they have a misaligned bite.

Abnormal bites may develop due to certain habits or dental manipulations

There can be a number of causes of abnormal or misaligned bites. To understand how they may have developed it can be a good idea to identify which kind of abnormality is present. Four of the most common abnormalities include a deep bite, and open bite, a cross bite, and an overbite.

Deep bite

A deep bite is where the upper incisors or front teeth cover the lower teeth too much when your mouth is closed

Open bite

An open bite is where the upper teeth do not overlap with the lower ones enough.

Cross bite

A cross bite is a type of bite where the top teeth bite inside the lower teeth, rather than the outside.


An overjet is where the upper teeth stick out in front of the lower ones. A positive overjet is protrusive or ‘blocked’ teeth, whilst a negative overjet is an ‘underbite’.

How is a misaligned bite developed?

One of the causes of an abnormal bite can be due to damaged teeth or trauma that affects the jaw development. Habits such as teeth grinding can also lead to bite problems, as well as the need for restorative dental procedures.

Although you may be happy with the appearance of your smile, bite defects can cause an array of problems, which although they may not be visible, can cause immense pain and discomfort. Not treating these issues can also cause cosmetic problems in the future.

These problems can be corrected with orthodontic treatment

Orthodontics is an incredibly effective solution for bite defects. With modern orthodontic techniques, properly aligning your bite no longer has to be complicated and unsightly. Discreet options such as Invisalign provide a virtually invisible solution through to the use of clear aligners, whilst lingual braces are a solution which is extremely effective for all kinds of bite problem. Lingual braces are placed on the inside of the teeth to be hidden from view.

Traditional braces are also still one of the most effective straightening methods and can now be used in conjunction with clear or ceramic brackets on the front teeth to ensure you feel comfortable throughout the whole process.

Orthodontic treatment at Newwave Orthodontics

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